Man Disappointed Odumeje Failed To Display Famous ‘Power’ At London Meeting


A UK-Based Nigerian, Agu Chigekwu, identified on Instagram as richjoelng, recently called out popular Nigerian Pastor, Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere, better known as Odumeje, for failing to pray for members of the congregation at a recent event in London.

Chigekwu stated that he attended the event expecting to see Odumeje perform miracles and pray.

He said he was, however, left disappointed after Odumeje only sang and then left without praying for anyone.

He said, “When he came, he was already advertising powers, abidoshaker , citadel, he will release powers and the one he has not touched. Na so people take come o, filled the place . People came out!”

He explained that the programme was scheduled to start at 5:30pm, but Odumeje did not arrive until 10:30 pm and. When he finally came, he started singing, and the audience thought he would begin praying afterward.

” He dey sing o, as he finish singing, people kon think say he go pray, before we knew it, Odumeje don disappear ,” he added.

Chigekwu questioned whether Odumeje was a pastor or an artiste, stating that people came from all over the UK with their sick loved ones in hopes of receiving healing prayers from Odumeje.

He added, ” Odumeje na pastor abi na artist? Is he a performer? So, na performance he come do for us all the way from Nigeria. No be even to pray for people.

“People came all the way from Scotland, Wales, different parts of UK. Some came with their sick ones, old women, for him to pray for healing. Na so Odumeje take do this thing; he no pray for anybody.”

He also stated that some people even paid for front-row seats specifically to get prayed for by Odumeje.

“This guy disappointed me. Thank God, I did not even buy that ticket. People paid £1,000, £500, to stay at the front seat because they needed healing.

“They think say after he don sing, he go pray. Make dem see the powers that this man carry . All those citadel, indaboski bahose , and all those kind of things ,” he added.

In a separate video, Chigekwu clarified that he did not intend to criticise Odumeje but rather wanted to raise concerns about the event.

He said the promoters did not properly inform attendees about the purpose of the event, and he only learned later that Odumeje was actually there for an album launch.

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