‘I Was Sent Out Of My Husband’s House Day He Died’ – Nollywood Actor Ajigijaga’s Wife


The wife of late Yoruba movie star, Mufutau Sanni Abdulahi, popularly known as Ajigijaga, has opened up on how she and her children were mistreated by her late husband’s family after his death.

Speaking on the Talk To B show, she revealed that she was evicted from their home on the same day he died and left with no belongings.

She further disclosed that she now relies on street hawking to provide for her family and has faced reluctance from others to assist her.

“The day he died, his family pursued me out of our house, saying they couldn’t take care of me and the kids. I didn’t take a dime from the house, even clothes, it was just me and my kids,” she said.

“Now that he is dead, I am now a hawker, this was something he never allowed me to do when he was alive. I have to hawk so I can feed my children.

“No one wanted to help me because they didn’t want people to misunderstand them and claim they were sleeping with her.”

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