The Osun Masterminds Decries ‘Poor Quality’ Roads, Urges Osun Govt On Fertilizer Distribution


A group, The Osun Masterminds, has condemned the “poor quality” of roads being constructed by the Osun State Government.

The Osun Masterminds said the state government has failed in his promise to construct quality roads in the state, stressing that the recent road construction projects in Osun State were under par.

The group said this at a press conference addressed by its Executive Director, Prof. Wasiu Oyedokun-Alli, in Osogbo, the Osun State capital, on Saturday.

The group said, “For instance, the Dele Yes Sir end of the approved 91km Osogbo- Iwo-Ibadan Road reconstruction has been riddled with pot holes and the pace of work has been incredibly slow.

“The quick deterioration of the road is worrisome, despite the staggering amount of money allocated to the project. Then we wonder, why the Ministry of Works, led by the governor, which is saddled to supervise and ensure quality of roads has grossly failed? Why did they contract the job to a grossly-incompetent contractor? Can we say the project was done for pecuniary gains?

“Another example is the Lameco-Old Garage Road and the flyover project at Oke Fia, Osogbo. Despite the continued constructive criticisms from well-meaning citizens of the state about these roads, the PDP-led state government has still failed in delivering the mandate to which they were elected to office in 2022.

“We sincerely hope the state government is committed to the construction of good roads and also ensure effective networking of the roads to encourage economic and social development. Blacklisting of contractors who perform below specification should be done by the state government.”

Speaking on the fertilizer palliative distribution, an initiative from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) through its Anchors Borrower Programme with sub-national governments, The Osun Masterminds urged the Osun State Government to distribute the fertilizers with fairness, equity, and transparency.

“The distribution of the fertilizers to 30 local government areas and area office must not be politicized.

“Public servants, who are saddled with the responsibility of administering the palliative scheme, must indeed share to the target segment of the populace instead of favoring their cronies and enriching the state political actors,” The Osun Masterminds added.

On the new minimum wage, the group said a “reasonable amount” should not be difficult to agree on and be paid to Nigerian workers who the group described as drivers of the nation’s economy.

“We stand and solidly so with the labour union and hope their state chapters will hold the state governors accountable to do the needful,” it stressed.

The Osun Masterminds, while speaking on the transfer of funds to Nigerians by the federal government, said any attempt to distribute money without appropriate data base is an attempt for fraud and stealing by political officer holders in the country.
The group stated, “We again decry the decision of the Federal government to pay money to about 100,000 households per state as made known a couple of days ago by the presidential spokesperson.

“This was the path the last administration embarked upon that led to monumental fraud and stealing from the common purse and we remember also clearly the Edu Saga at the initial months of this administration and as such strongly condemn the recent resurgence of the so called scheme.

“We belief it is another attempt by the government to make richer the political class and some segments of the civil service who will take advantage of the scheme for self-enrichment.

“We remain resolute that until a good and acceptable data base for all Nigerians is achieved and the data of the most vulnerable updated and published per Local government, any attempt at distributing money under any guide is an attempt for fraud and stealing by the political class.”

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