Man Beats Girlfriend, Ki!ls Good Samaritan


A Georgia man, Jordan Talley, 27, from the United States of America, has been arrested for beating his girlfriend and killing a man who attempted to intervene in the altercation.

According to Fox News, Talley has been charged with manslaughter and domestic battery.

The report said the incident happened on March 31 in downtown Orlando.

Orange County deputies said a video captured Talley hitting a woman in front of a law office near the intersection of Robinson Street and Magnolia Avenue.

Talley allegedly pulled the woman by her hair and forcefully threw her to the ground

A bystander, Donald Storie, 64, was walking nearby with his wife, daughter and her fiancé when he heard the woman screaming for help.

The deceased family informed authorities that he headed in the direction of the screaming woman and, when he approached the couple, Talley punched him.

Storie died on April 23 after being taken off life support.

More surveillance video shows Talley and his girlfriend entering a car, which detectives were able to trace back to Talley’s home in Georgia.

He was taken into custody by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Talley admitted to detectives that he punched Storie, claiming he was concerned for his girlfriend’s safety.

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