Man Accused Of Using Money For His Wife’s CS To Buy Phone, Dog Breaks Silence


The man whose wife accused him of abandoning her in the hospital where she went to deliver their baby has spoken.

On Wednesday, May 15, a woman narrated how she got donation from a Facebook user to pay for cesarean section to have her baby (read here).

She added that her husband objected to the CS, took her home, and gave her herbal medicine to drink.

When her situation escalated, she said she returned to the hospital then gave her husband N240k out of the money donated by the kind-hearted man on Facebook to pay for the CS.

However, she said her husband left the hospital without paying so she had to give her husband’s sister the rest of the money to pay for the procedure.

When her husband got back, his sister confronted him, threatening to arrest him, so he allegedly disclosed he used the money to buy a phone and a dog.

The wife added that after the birth of their daughter, her husband abandoned her in Alimosho General Hospital, Igando.

Reacting today on Facebook, the husband gave his account of what transpired.

He said his wife’s behaviour changed the moment the kind Facebook user donated a huge sum to her for their child’s birth.

He wrote: “Since the very minutes Obol Jesam Michael came to our rescue, my wife started displaying caprices that she can shout at me to the extent nurses and some patient have to beg me to ignore her. If you know my wife closely, you should know the kind of person she is.”

He explained that his pregnant wife was the one who initially objected to being in the hospital, so he took her home and got her agbo (herbal medicine)

He added that when his wife’s situation escalated, his neighbours came to call him that his wife was asking them to take her to the hospital.

He said he organised to get her to the hospital.

He explained that the donor who gave his wife money also called to urge him to agree to CS if that’s what will save his wife’s life.

When they returned to the hospital, he said his wife gave him N100k, not N240k as she claimed.

He said he used the money to pay for blood, tests, and drugs.

He then left the hospital to rush to his office in order to ask for partial leave.

He said this process took time and when he returned, his wife was shouting at him but he ignored her and did what he could to ensure the surgery goes smoothly.

He said he does not understand his wife’s rationale for going online to call him out.

“My wife I love so much. A woman I went against lots of advice to marry. Why will I abandon my first blood?” he said as he denied his wife’s claim that he abandoned her an their child in the hospital.

He added that he was in the hospital with his wife most of the time only to go online to see “such heartless and unconscious blackmail from a woman I call my kedei kemi.”

He continued: “Even if she wants to be pitited for more donations, I don’t deserve blackmail to further her cause.”

Read his full statement below:

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