Corps Member Gives First NYSC Allowance Of N33,000 To Her Parents (Video)


A Nigerian youth corps member has brought immense pride to her parents by saluting and presenting them with her initial NYSC allowance of N33,000.

This heartwarming moment was captured in a recent video shared on a popular social media platform. In the video, the young lady can be seen standing and raising her arm to salute her visibly moved parents.

She then receives a white envelope containing the allowance and expresses her gratitude towards her parents for their unwavering support, provision, and dedication in putting her through school.

This heartfelt speech brings tears to her parents’ eyes. She approaches them and hands over the envelope containing the money.

Overwhelmed with emotions, her parents ask her to kneel down as they shower her with praise and prayers for her considerate gesture.

The emotional video, titled ‘Took my first alawee to my family,’ has garnered significant attention, with numerous individuals sharing their thoughts in the comments section.

See some reactions below:

Pure at Heart: “omoh na for camp i chop my first allawee. This is beautiful tho.”

Jane: “I feel goosebumps omgyGod.”

Matthew Ikoojo Mercy: “This is worth emulating……..So proud of you my bestie.”

Iyobosa Francess: “The joy of every parents.”

Chummy: “Evidence of greatness…more blessings awaits you Kasham in Jesus name.”

AMANI: “congratulations Evidence of greatness.”

Udeme Sam: “this so touching dear you made me cry. May God’s grace continue to find you.”

Mhiz Julian: “This made me sheared tears , big congrats to you dear.”

Nwigwe Miracle: “I will do this for my hubby.”

Watch Video Below;

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