Commissioner For Environment Reacts After Lagos Resident Complained Of Neighbours Moaning Loudly At Night


Tokunbo Wahab, the Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources gave a light-hearted response after residents complained to him about couples moaning loudly and disturbing neighbours.

The X users who made the complaint did so in jest.

An X user wrote: “It’s actually a wicked act for neighbours to be moaning loud at midnight, especially on Mondays.

“I think it’s about time we addressed this issue in the estate WhatsApp group.”

Another replied: “We should also report to the @tokunbo_wahab the commissioner for the environment as it constitutes an environmental hazard to others.I’m with you on this Sis.”

Tokunbo Wahab, who was tagged by the second X user, then replied, “I will immediately instruct LASEPA GM @thetundeajayi to personally visit, monitor and measure the noise level in order to ensure compliance and enforcement. Thanks for your ‘concern’. TW”

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