“Bleaching My Skin Was The Dumbest Thing Ever”- Toke Makinwa Discloses


A Twitter user inquired about what she would do differently if she could back in time. Toke said that she would not have bleached her skin, even if regrets are a waste of time.

Toke also mentioned that it was one of the “dumbest things” she has ever done. She acknowledged that she was appreciative of her financial status and wonderful genes for maintaining beautiful skin.

When Toke revealed that she had bleached her skin, Twitter went crazy. The businesswoman acknowledged that she had bleached her own skin and expressed a longing to go back in time.

In her own words: “Nothing. Regret is so exhausting!!!! Wait, maybe bleaching my skin, it was the dumbest thing ever and I’m just so thankful for good genes and money cos….”

Twitter users in Nigeria are now responding to Toke Makinwa’s post.

@cryptobaddie1: “Sis u being vulnerable with Nigerians ??? Bad move.”

@naturalboifilmz: “Would you undo your BBL?”

@DiceOfTruth: “Respect on this. Hope loads of people learn from this.”

@FavvyEagle: “Too real.”

@thatpoetclem: “Thanks for sharing, people don’t know how damaging it can be to their skin and internal organs,”

@phychem11: “You won’t do soft BBL?”

@segunizzy: “What were you doing before that made you think it was wrong? Weren’t you just living your best life?”

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