Why I Have Not Cooked In My Marriage For 20 Years, CEO Mojisola Reveals


The founder of Woodhall Capital, Mojisola Hunponu-Wusu, has disclosed that despite being married for 20 years she has never cooked in her home.

In a conversation with Ifedayo Agoro on ‘The Diary Of A Naija Girl” podcast, Hunponu-Wusu explained that though she would have loved to cook and do other chores, she never had that time.

”I don’t get to cook. I would have loved to get more time; not even for cooking but for other things across the family. So, I’m not even zooming in on cooking…

”I love and admire women who have the time but I’m through to the path God has set me and that is the entrepreneurial path,” she said.

When asked if her husband was bothered, she responded that cooking might not be his love language.

Hunponu-Wusu’s revelation has again brought to the fore conversation about the roles of a woman in the home.

Though it is believed that, these days, men should compliment their wives in kitchen duties, a popular Nigerian chef Hilda Effiong Bassey, aka Hilda Baci, recently declared that she wouldn’t date or marry a man who knows how to cook.

According to the former Guinness World Record holder, she loves cooking and would not want a man who will outshine her in the kitchen.

“I don’t want a man that knows how to cook. I don’t want it. I like cooking so much. My friends would tell you like Hilda would show you love, she will send you food. She will cook for you. That’s kind of one of the things I like to do for people that I care about, especially for my man.

“You can wake me up in the middle of the night and say, ‘Babe, I want a doughnut. I want meat pie.’ And I’m flying to the kitchen to make it for you. That’s my thing. I want a man that can order me food. If you don’t have a problem with ordering me food, I’m in love,” Baci said in a viral podcast video that made the rounds on X (formerly Twitter).

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