Me and My Family Distribute Energy To Most Of Nigeria – Singer Davido Discloses (Videos)


Award-Winning Nigerian singer David Adeleke professionally known as Davido is in the news again as he unwrapped one of the unknown things about his wealthy family.

In a recent interview with Business Untitled, Davido, the “Unavailable” hitmaker said that his dad’s company distributes most of the energy used in Nigeria.

Note that Davido’s billionaire father, Adedeji Adeleke who is the elder brother of Osun State governor Ademola Adeleke is the the CEO of Pacific Holdings Limited.

The billionaire is well known for bagging billions of naira when it comes to energy contracts. He is also the owner of Adeleke University, Osun State.

Davido during the interview utters that he has invested in his dad’s energy business and they all have four power plants that are worth lots of money.

Davido asserted that these four power plants are crucial in the energy distribution in Nigeria as they are responsible for most of the energy present in the country.

In his words; “Me and my family have like four power plants worth a lot of money, we distribute energy to most of Nigeria.”

See reactions below;

countrymand4: This dude caps a lot fr how your family four plants go supply light to most Nigerians baba wereee .

captain_g27′: One thing about David he can cap for life.

mer_cyshawde: Dangote children’s always dey on low key,na few people sabi them.

packagedjteejuiz: Some of you just like to use the h@te side of your brain to reason ,you can simply google Deji Adeleke or sepco pacific energy ,and how many power plants he owns ,it was on this social media in 2022 davido was celebrating his father for winning billions of naira power plant contracts ,where the father was advising him to also invest in the business ,and now davido see an opportunity to put his family business out there and you’re complaining …werey nse werey yin.

morgan_dmw: If you know you know.

gee_kenny’: All the guys accusing him of talking too much, I understand your point cause you got nothing to say about yourself or your family.

In a similar video, Davdo said; “There are people that have tried to do what I have tried to do. Mine has been successful because of the values I have.”

Watch the video below;

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