‘I’m Tired’ -Lady Leaves UK With Family, Returns To Nigeria (Watch Video)


A Nigerian lady, tired of the United Kingdom (UK), has made the decision to return to her homeland.

In a trending TikTok video, the lady with the handle nikkystar_55 shared her decision to leave the hustle and bustle of the UK behind and return to Nigeria.

In the short clip, she expressed her fatigue with the daily grind and declared her longing for a simpler life back home.

Upon her arrival in Nigeria, the woman wasted no time immersing herself in the local culture.

She treated herself to a traditional delicacy and was captured in the video engaging in farming activities, embracing the agricultural lifestyle of her homeland.

Reflecting on their departure from the UK, the lady mentioned that they had brought along a considerable amount of luggage, indicative of a decisive move to make Nigeria their new home.

In the clip, the lady shared how her husband encountered a colleague who shared similar sentiments about returning to Nigeria, suggesting a growing trend among Nigerian expatriates seeking to reconnect with their roots and embrace the opportunities available in their home country.

see netizens reactions;

@Mumc Omotoke:Left in February too and I’ve never felt more fulfilled, the life over there isn’t for me and can’t be for me !

@Ste ihsane:Cost of living, stressful country,mostly drepression on top, most earrings go to bills .But at the end you can’t compare what you make or gain to home.Back home is just peace of mind but nothing else

@awels_hairessence:Leaving soon as well, 17 months in and I still don’t get what I’m doing here . Make I dey go my papa house abeg

@omonigho:I am extremely exhausted in this UK, the day I fly out of this country lasan… I no dey come back again ooo… na small time remain… people won’t understand until they enter… I wish you success sis

@omotola akinyele:Maybe for those that’s never had a good life then i leave this conversation for you, for someone living a good life in Nigeria what is UK offering you? Answer me now?

@Anastasia:Everyone should do what works for them. E get people weh since dem enter uk, two years now, soft landing till date. God Dey run am clean, no complain

@Pastor Kingsley Ukaegbu:To those living in UK, what is the major challenge, is it the bills, unemployment, weather, racism..? someone should give a clue

@Ibrahim Azeez773:I enter as a student and am currently on 5yr visa which have spent 1yr on it remain 4yr.i have start thinking about ILR fees again £3k for each on a family of 5.where will I get d moni.bill too much

@Rissa:I don’t blame you. Been living in the UK for over 24 years and my husband and I are thinking of relocating either Canada or Nigeria. Honestly tired

@HILLCREST PROFESSION:I believe the biggest challenge with the UK is that your end is pretty much determined from the start unlike in Nigeria where you can dream.

@hottongue100:Let’s put it this way, as a Nigerian, if you can make a success of your career or business in Nigeria, you will enjoy life much more here

@Local:lol I Dey tell ppl wey never travel if you get some money abeg stay ur country cus u go see shege for abroad nd regret but then I knw say una nor go blv me till u enter sha

@Temscrochet :Aswear people don’t understand life about abroad is mentally draining my spirit has left this country

@healthy._mom:this is a different level of courage, determination and bravery hopefully, I take this step in future..

Watch Video Below;


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