Why I Will Not Bury Mohbad – Singer’s Father Reveals (Video)


In a recent interview, Joseph Aloba, the father of late Nigerian singer Mohbad has started making headlines as he finally shares the major reason why he is yet to bury his late son.

In the interview, Mohbad father made it known to all and sundry that the Nigerian police has given him a go-ahead to bury his late son Mohbad but he is not ready to do so.

While an information disclosed that Mohbad autopsy result will be available in the next three weeks, Mohbad father in a statement uttered that Mohbad’s wife Wunmi is the true reason he is yet to bury his son.

According to Mohbad’s father, it is a must for Wunmi to do a DNA test for Liam, her son with the late singer.

He noted that it is only after that Mohbad corpse will be buried. He also added that he is waiting for the autopsy result that will display the analysis behind Mohbad death.

See reactions below;

mollyswits_: Make she do am so that she too can rest from this man hand jare.

krixofficial_: Make them arrest this man once and for all..

xpensive_fatima: But why the babe no wan do DNA test if truly the boy na mohbad son?

bezoyello.salon: You mean this girl hasn’t done that DNA after several months, something is definitely wrong and she has people backing her guts, the grand dad has full right to demand DNA from his so called grandchild before he accepts, it doesn’t makes him a bad grandad.

tallglass__ofmilk: Oga did you provide money and she didn’t do it? abirun baba oshi.

jaylodolls: VDM and the rest just scattered and diverted this case. Like we were so close to getting justice. Them use clout scater the whole thing , which yeye dna ? Abi Liam no resemble mohbad ni?.

cecilia__remi: Very good… That girl refusing to do it means she’s hiding something. Mohbad must get his justice !!.

Watch the video below;

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