Ukraine Donates 25,000 Tons Of Wheat To Nigeria To Help Food Crisis


Ukraine has donated 25,000 tons of wheat to Nigeria, in a move it says will help tackle the emergency food crisis-affecting over 1.3 million people in northeast Nigeria.

The development is part of the United Nations World Food Programme, WFP’s response in northeast Nigeria amidst inflation and food price spikes.

The contribution is also part of Ukraine’s humanitarian “Grain from Ukraine” initiative launched by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The shipment was made possible through the collaborative effort from the United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Luxembourg, Norway, Republic of Korea and Sweden, which has helped cover the costs of transporting the wheat from Ukraine to Nigeria and its distribution to the families who need it.

WFP, representative and Country Director in Nigeria, David Stevenson, said; “We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Government of Ukraine, partners, and donors for their unwavering support through the Grain from Ukraine Initiative.

“This collaborative effort plays a crucial role in alleviating suffering and maintaining human dignity in areas facing conflict and food price increase.

“WFP has the tools and willingness to support the government in restoring and unlocking the agricultural potential of northeast Nigeria making it again the breadbasket of the country. But we cannot achieve this alone.

“Collective action is needed to bring peace and stability, ensure stable markets, encourage financial investments, and generate employment through enhanced collaboration with Nigerian private sector partners, suppliers, transporters, service providers, and retailers”.

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  1. We thank Nations which can still demonstrate human feelings through this kind of survival strategies.Nigerians would have exported holy Books and gone there to preach,using foreign languages as a strategy to halt the Russian/Ukrainian war!

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