Police Arrest 12 Tourists For Eating In public During Ramadan


Police arrested as many as 12 people for eating and drinking in public places during the Muslim fasting month, according to The Citizen newspaper.

Police Commander, Abubakar Khamis Ally, does not hide his position! He warns that his officers will not hesitate to arrest anyone who violates the principles of Islam. And in Zanzibar, where over 98% of the population are Muslims, eating in public places during Ramadan is a serious crime!

But it is not everything! The Zanzibar Tourism Commission is not indifferent to such offenses. French travel agency, Organisant Francophone Tours and Travel, was fined $500 for allowing tourists to eat in public places.

The Commission recalls that the principles of Islam apply to everyone in Zanzibar, regardless of origin. Restaurants not located in hotels are to remain closed during the day, and hotels and resorts must limit food services to their premises.

Zanzibar, an autonomous part of Tanzania, stands out from the rest of the country due to its Muslim majority. Throughout the month of Ramadan, from dawn to sunset, Muslims fast, refraining from eating, drinking and smoking. And on this island, these rules are sacred.

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  1. Tourists arrested for eating in public during d Ramadan?U never can tell with third world countries.They can be more Muhammedian than Muhammad himself.There is much religiosity but little godliness.Fasting or religion is a personal thing n why should anyone’s fundamental human rights be violated in d name of religion?Is this not a way of dragging people back to d dark ages?Let d police avoid places where people eat,drink or have a nice time with prostitutes.One man’s meat is another’s poison.Let d govt be accompanied by a sense of noblesse oblige rather than getting religion rammed down d throats of d people.D welfare n wellbeing of d people matter.How economically n technologically developed are African countries?N where do we have appreciable peace? Insecurity is d name of d game as terrorists, bandits,killer herdsmen go about their criminal activities with reckless abandon,their religious inclinations not withstanding.Let d govt address these issues n skyrocketing food prices n d world will be a better place.God has given us d opportunity to make choice n it’s no skin off anyone’s nose.

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