Stop Giving Beggars Dirty, Small money – Alfa Chemistry Tells Nigerians (Video)


A Nigerian man who identifies as @alfachemistry has criticized Nigerians who give beggars lower denominations of money and dirty notes.

Sharing a clip on his TikTok page, he revealed that Nigerians should learn to give beggars more, at least a thousand naira.

He started by criticizing people who give beggars dirty notes and lower denominations like 10, 50, and 200, addressing them to do better.

He also added that Nigerians need to change their mindset and give beggars more especially if you have thousands of naira in your account.

In one part of the clip, he said;

“Why is it that when it is time to give beggars money it’s ten naira you will be able to pull out from your pocket or one dirty money you’ve kept so long in your pocket or wallet? What’s our mindset, most especially Nigerians when you’re giving beggars money, you give them small money, dirty money. You have one million in your account, you are giving beggars fifty naira, and you can not give out one thousand naira this is 2024 let’s change, I don’t want to see that again.”

Below are some of the reactions,

@kingjoshiamba: Height of entitlement, the earlier you realize most roadside beggars are working for people like this, The better for you

@kitanb: Sounds like someone who recruits beggars from the north, the reason why he is pained with his teeth like #10 note

@effedeborah: This one don vex say beggars wey he put for road no dey bring back plenty money again.

@official_richimayo: Visit ur dentist first Alfa Nuru

Watch the video below,

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