You Shouldn’t Own a Car, If You’re a Tenant — Lady Tells Nigerians (Video)


A Nigerian lady has come online to advise tenants not to own a car while living in another man’s house except it is for business.

The lady identified as @kemysneh stated that a tenant is not suppose to own a car while living in a rented apartment owned by another man, if the tenant does not own a land or house.

She noted the only genuine reason for a tenant to own a car is to create business or make ends meet. One shouldn’t own a car if it will be use for mobility and enjoyment. She advised the money should be invested on land or purchase a house. Land appreciates unlike car that depreciates and cost more expenses.

Revealing in the video, the lady mentioned ranging amounts at which a tenant can acquired a land or house in underdeveloped areas at affordable price. She also added that paying of house rent at an old age won’t be easy or sending messages to the children when rent is due will be seen as a thing of embarrassment.

She emphasized that it is important for tenants to make plans for their future and create opportunities or investment because it is absurd paying rent in another’s man house at an old age.

Watch the Video;

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