I Didn’t Abandon My Family, says 7-Yr-Old Comedian Kiriku


Popular seven-year-old comedian Enorense Victory aka Kiriku has denied claims of abandoning his family.

Recently, the TikTok video of a young lady claiming to be the child star’s sister surfaced, accusing him of deserting his family.

The supposed sibling of the humour act claimed after shooting to stardom and acquiring wealth, the comedian abandoned his nuclear familiar and has never assisted them.

In a rejoinder, Kiriku urged the online community not to believe everything they encounter on TikTok.

He shared photographs with his family members, introducing them to his fans, disassociating himself from the lady in the TikTok video

Kiriku wrote: ” MY Names are ENORENSE VICTORY popularly known as Kiriku. This is the only family that I have.

“First and last slide is my 2 years tro back birthday picture with my family before the small boy blow. You All meet MR & MRS ENORENSE my biological parents.

@de_umbrellaboy_ my elder blood brother. He is the first son of my parents

Kiriku number 1 trouble smally of the house (as the last born of my parents). Please Disclaimer the trending video on tiktok.”

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