Yoruba Movie, ‘Eni Ayanfe’, Out Today

Oyebode Oyeniyi, the producer of the anticipated movie, ‘Eni Ayanfe’, has announced the release of the movie, AMILOADED reports.

Oyeniyi, in a statement on Saturday, said the movie would be released today.

He said, “The truth about time, spirituality, divinity, magic realism, history and victims of circumstances that shows the struggles of a family of mother and child, After the tragic death of the father, the heroic character of the mother, who sees her child through the storms and never gave up on the believe of better days even when the chances are very slim.

“But the unfortunate incidents that surrounds their life is based on sacrificial benefits that has been designed by divinity to erase a reoccurring problem in the bloodline created by a covenant made with a spiritual being in the days.

“Story & Concept by- @_bodeoyeniyi (Oyebode Oyeniyi); Produced by- @_bodeoyeniyi (Oyebode Oyeniyi); Scripted by- @ojo_olukuloye (Ojo Mosadomi); Directed by- @tundekomolafe (Tunde Komolafe)

“ENI-AYANFE the Movie is coming Out with Magic This Saturday July 16th On YouTube Channel Yorubahood TV @officialyorubahoodtv .”


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