Working On The Growth Of The Nation By Omotola Fawehinmi

The growth of the world around us matter a lot,and our personal development will enhance the level of the growth we see. You may be wondering how do I work on the growth of the nation when I’m not part of the government. A tree does not make a forest and a huge numbers of tree is what determines a forest.

There is different dimensions to how we can determine the level of a country’s growth.
I will only brief Rostow’s five model stages of growth in the economic modernization of a country. Where he made mention of the traditional society, preconditions for take-off,take-off,Drive to maturity, and age of high mass consumption. All of which interconnected to explain the growth of a nation.

Meanwhile, talking about the growth of growth of any nation it lies in the hand of every occupant of a nation. Starting from the family as the first agent of socialization and up to the government who are the bodies saddled with official responsibilities of the growth in a nation.

In order to work efficiently on the growth of the nation we need to understand some key concepts. The concept of responsibility, positivity and individual mindset.

To work on the growth of a nation, people with a clear sense of willingness to take up responsibilities of governance and followership. In order to experience growth leaders are respected to take their roles and adjudicate in their respective institutions.

So, as a citizen you’re expected to join the train of your country’s growth by abiding to her rule and regulations by paying your tax and others.
When you create enterprise and involve yourself in the economic activities of your state it helps the national growth of the nation.

Meanwhile, growth is a continuous thing and a Nation will continue to grow when those at the helms of her affairs take up their responsibilities.

Inanutshell, your personal growth, our individual growth and other collectives growth are what determines the growth of a nation. So there is always a need for us to work on how we can jointly achieve this growth by being positively involved in the activities of development.

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