Like Okonjo Iweala, Meet Mahmood Ahmadu, The Man Making Nigerians Proud Globally


Mahmood Ahmadu is the founder and executive chairman of Online Integrated Solutions Ltd (OIS). A serial philanthropist and entrepreneur, Mahmood Ahmadu founded several significant businesses prior to OIS. It is on record that Mahmood was one of the early pioneers of the Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) for digital mobile phone use in Northern Nigeria. His business activities and operations span 53 countries and five continents.

Born on the 9th of September 1966 in Nigeria, Mahmood Ahmadu graduated from the Nasarawa State University earning a UK accredited MBA. His further education came in the form of management, IT and communication industry courses, where he utilized these skills to start small businesses that traded products and services

In the early 1980s, Mahmood was able to raise some capital which he used to invest in his very first company known as A2A International Limited. The company made him known amongst the earlier pioneer in the field of trading in GSM in Northern. He further leveraged his business over the next several years and expanded his venture both locally and internationally. He has also raised awareness of the importance of education and has also enhanced the quality of education through scholarship programs.

In recognition of his philanthropic contributions and impact, Mahmood Ahmadu, alongside Idahosa Wells Okinbo and Adesola Kazeem Adedutan was honoured with the Forbe’s Best of Africa award.

The awards were presented on September 11, 2020, during a virtual event in conjunction with the Foreign Investment Network (FIN).

As a multiple award winner, Mahmood Ahmadu was also honoured and recognized as a Leading Personality on Humanitarian Response to Covid-19 Crisis by an International Strategic Communication Consultancy, Euroknowledge.

For those who should know, Mahmood Ahmadu is a name synonym for a sincere, hardworking and striving businessman in the northern states of Nigeria. Mahmood further expanded his business import/export to neighbouring regions which subsequently made him a motivated businessman.

In recognition of his work and developing innovative technological solutions, Mahmood Ahmadu, as one of the most popular and successful Nigerian Entrepreneurs in UAE, was presented with the Nigerian Economic Development Award on the 5th of April 2016 in London.

As a chairman and founder of an online solution company, his passion lies in building an African multi-business conglomerate built on Information Technology which continues to advance the Technology Infrastructure for governments in many. Mahmood Ahmadu is also passionate about working for charities as his way of giving back to society. Which results in equally contributing to both national and international donations. He is one of the leading African businessmen who was recognized for his efforts and success in developing Africa’s leading technology companies and operating a successful business in over 17 international locations across 10 different time zones.

Ahmadu’s scholarship program now makes it possible for hundreds of students to afford a good quality education locally and abroad. In recognition of his selfless service and contribution to nation-building, Mahmood was honoured with Nigerian National Honor of the Officer of the Order of the Niger (OON).

Mahmood Ahmadu was also recognized at the international conference of the International Strategic Alliance Committee (ISAC) held on the 4th and 5th of April 2016 at the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre in Westminster, London. The Nigerian Economic Development Award was presented to Mr Mahmood Ahmadu by Mr Eitan Na’eh, the Israeli Deputy Ambassador to the UK.

Over the years, Mr Mahmood Ahmadu leveraged his success and expanded his business, both locally and internationally. Thus, making him known amongst the people as a man with multi-business conglomerates. The current operating businesses of Mr Mahmood Ahmadu include:

ONLINE INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS: The company is an online service and one of the official partners of various diplomatic missions in Nigeria. OIS is an affiliation of SW Global and it is a world-class data-centre for the Nigeria Immigration Service, in addition to developing a first of-its-kind border protection application include biometric data capture for all travellers, with visas entering Nigeria.

SW GLOBAL: SW Global, a leading provider of software solution and IT infrastructure is recognized as the first globally competitive technology company to emerge from West Africa and penetrate the global information technology (IT) market. The company’s global presence and cutting-edge technologies meet the need of both public and private sector customers.

INNOVATE1PAY: This company is incorporated in Nigeria, which provides online payment solutions for retail and wholesale mobile remittances, mobile money and currency card payments.

AMAL GLOBAL INVESTMENTS LIMITED: This company is another successful venture of Mr Mahmood Ahmadu, the firm is incorporated in Nigeria specializing in real estate, agriculture, and mining.

SPRING WATER COMPANY LIMITED DOMINICA: the Dominica Republic, a company best known for producing bottled spring water. We also know Mr Mahmood Ahmadu as a proud recipient of many awards, including the officer of the Order of the Niger’ (OON) a national honour bestowed on him by the President of Nigeria. Mr Mahmood Ahmadu vision lies in delivering solutions that will empower institutions and people to achieve their full potential and achieve their goals.

As a super achiever, Mahmood Ahmadu is undoubtedly one of Africa’s greatest entrepreneur and philanthropist making the continent proud globally.




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