So Sad! Read How Nigerian Lady Lost Job Offer For Asking ‘How Did You Get My Number’


A Nigerian lady identified as Mary who applied as an intern with a prestigious tech-industry lost the job because of the way she replied interviewer on WhatsApp.

According to a Twitter user @cyberomin who recruits for a tech-industry said he was met with disappointment after reaching out to the intern who applied for a role with the firm.

From the snapshots of their conversation, the intern identified as Mary did not let the recruiter land before throwing questions about how he got her contact.

The interviewer greeted her but before he could introduce himself, she was already blasting him with questions. Even when he tried to calm her down, she refused.

In her words, “Wat nonsense, don’t tell me 2 calm down. Who is this?”

See screenshots below:


See some reactions below …

@feobaby1 wrote;
What happened to, “Hi Mary, I am so so and so…, from…., and….” Straight up mention who you are and what you need to inform her about, she also needed to feel comfortable with who she was chatting with from a strange number.

@neneodonkor wrote;
In the age of social media it’s very easy to jump to conclusions. In as much as she’s wrong, the guy should have introduced himself first. However, I don’t think we can always use WhatsApp encounter to judge someone. We don’t know why she reacted that way.

@sam_oguche_ wrote;
Many still make this mistake. I learned this thing when i worked in call center at my first job. Be polite untill you can really tell who the person at the other end is.

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  1. That was a wrong approach from.the recruiter and that should.not for a measure for the lady.there are too much hackers online and she reserves her right to question the man chatting. My dear bone d LÌ they dont deserve u

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