Italy Has Spread Coronavirus To 11 Countries So Far (List Of The Countries)

Coronavirus may have been in Italy for weeks before it was detected

Test results worry experts as new cases emerge in Nigeria, Mexico and New Zealand


How the coronavirus has spread from Italy


UK Buxton and Burbage, Derbyshire Primary school and GP surgery closed. Two people test positive


Netherlands Two cases reported on 28 February linked to northern Italy


France A 64-year-old man who recently returned to Annecy from Lombardy tests positive


Denmark First case as a man returns from northern Italy on 24 February


Germany Possible case under investigation after a patient returned from Italy


Austria First cases as two 24-year-olds fall ill in Tyrol


Croatia First case as a man who visited Milan between 19 and 21 February is diagnosed


Spain Sports journalist who attended a Champions League match in Milan on 19 February tests positive


Canary Islands Italian doctor, staying at a Tenerife hotel with his wife, tests positive on 24 February

Israel Recently returned visitor from Italy tests positive

Nigeria First case in sub-Saharan Africa as an Italian citizen who returned to Lagos on 25 February falls ill

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