Unbelievable! See How To Identify Fake Tecno, Infinix And Itel Smartphones

The Nigerian market is presently saturated with smartphones ans the most popular brands are now having imitations of their products being sold in the market. I’ve seen a couple of people that are using fake devices and it’s really appalling. In this post I’ll be going through the ways you can identify fake phones. Don’t forget to share this post to your friends and leave a comment.

How To Identity Fake Infinix Smartphones

Go to Infinix verification tool Here Input your IMEI and VC number Hit the submit button and wait for result

You’ll get info if your Infinix is genuine or fake. The same is applicable to the battery.

How To Identity Fake Tecno Smartphones/b]

Visit Here Enter your IMEI code and VC code in the relevant field and submit.
You will get a response informing you if the phone is Genuine or Not.
The same process is equally applicable to check if your battery is original or not.

[b]How To Identity Fake Itel Smartphones

Dial *#06# to check IMEI and find VC number by removing the battery.

Enter the IMEI and VC number of the device into this site: http://gc.itel-mobile.com/
And click submit button.

Anyone can fall victim and buy a fake smartphone, share with friends and keep them aware. Remember that fake smartphones are hazardous to health and can cause harm.

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