The Politics Of Ajibola Basiru And Emergence of “Brand SRJ” By Dawood Ajetunmobi

My initial schedule today was to visit one of the kitchens in the Enugu Law School Campus,Agbani early, for my breakfast after which I intended to spend minimum of two  hours with the Criminal Litigation by Agaba,and later proceeded to Enugu township to get some Law textbooks. How wrong I was!Hardly did I took the last spoon of the yam/beans porridge that It dawned on that sleep was already fighting for my attention so as to deny Criminal Litigation text the scheduled “appointment”.

Much as I tried to settle for the book,the sleep took over and It did not release me from its custody until 1 O’clock in the noon.

 I hurriedly took my bath,observed solat Shur and proceeded to Enugu, where a colleague told me I would get a better bargain in respect of the prices of the books as against what is obtainable in the school bookshop. Indeed, I did get and saved reasonable amounts.

Because of the way my schedule was compromised by the “sleep”, I didn’t have time to access my Facebook account to monitor today’s  Local Governments  election in the state of Osun  until very late in afternoon.

But as soon as I turned on my data,the first news flash that confronted me was that of the Victory of APC in Ward 13,Osogbo Local government.What a cheering news! I heaved a sight of relief.”Dawood,you must celebrate this ooo”,I told myself. To Shoprite,Enugu,I went to.(Na only bread I bought ooo.Biko?)

Personally, the contest in Ward 13,Osogbo local government has been a concern for me because of the capacity of the “rebels” for mischief and anti party which no doubt is legendary.

 As a matter of fact, the contest in Ward 13 was not the one between Mr Tajudeen Olaiya of APC and his arch rival,Mr Maruf Oladimeji of Labour ,his arch rival,but a test of political strength of Team Aregbesola ably led by Dr Ajibola Basiru and the Rebel team led by Jagun.

The rebel team was sure of victory that some days to the election, their team leader came out openly to endorse a candidate from another party as against his own party (Yes,his party.

 He is still  claim to be  an APC member).In a video clip that went viral shortly before the election, the rebels were boasting of repeating the anti party activities they engaged in during the re-run Osun West senatorial election.

Since they “stole” victory for candidate of PDP in the said re-run election, they have been boasting of being in control of the electorates and promised to negatively determine Aregebsola’s political fate comes 2018.

But after all the public bravado,the electorate outrightly rejected them.

 But we must not lose sight of the fact that this rejection does not come on the platter of gold. It is to the credit of the strategic thinking and planing of Dr Ajibola Basiru.

This is a man that has been object of insults, gutter languages and unbridled enmity  from some quarters right from the period when primary elections were conducted to pick party’s candidates to the time “back door” injunction was gotten from Federal Hight Court, Abuja. If the result of Ward 13 had gone the other way,the rebels would not have allowed us to sleep.

Anybody who wants to be a successful politician needs to understudy the politics of Ajibola Basiru and emergence of Brand SRJ.In political public relations, life cycle of any politician just like products must pass through three stages;Pioneering stage,competitive stage and retentive stage.

More often than not,while many migrated from pioneering stage to Competitive stage,only very few survive this stage(competitive stage) and move to retentive stage where his brand,his ideology and person is well known from breadth and length of the political divides.

Less than a decade in the politics of Osun,Ajibola Basiru has successfully navigated the 3 stages.

But the question now is that what is so special in the politics of SRJ that he is now the talk of the town? What is big thing in his person that members from 12 whole local governments of the Amitolu Shittu led collapsing De Rauf organisation decided to pitch  tent with him?How did he win the recently concluded contentious election in Ward 13 for his party against the larger than life ,exaggerated political relevance of the expired hitherto leader of Osogbo politics?Could it be because of his closeness to the Governor? But some people are also closed to the Governor and do not have the political clout he has.Is it because of the resources  in his kitty?I don’t think so,if that is the case,so many people  have resources too,(the story is even told of an expired political leader who almost bought all the houses in Osogbo. Pardon my hyperbole) but they are not as relevant politically as SRJ .Something must be special about the politics of Ajibola Basiru,(unfortunately,some people underrate him. Of course at their peril.).If I have to guess,I think the big thing,the special things lie in the personality of SRJ.His ability to think beyond the present .His large heart in putting people first in the scheme of things. Of,course his brilliancy.

Congratulations, Ajibola Basiru,the victory is worth celebrating.If I’m within the  reach of Her Worship this night,I would have requested from her to prepare your favourite meal,and specially brew for you one of the assorted Arabian tea in your tea box. You do not deserve it less!

Dawood Ajetunmobi writes from the Nigerian Law School, Enugu

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