Oluwo Of Iwo Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi Remains Selfless Leader Like Buhari – Communication Minister

The Minister of Communication, Barrister Adebayo Shittu, has described Oluwo of Iwoland, HRM Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi Telu I as an incorruptible and selfless monarch worthy of emulation in promoting progressivism the incumbent federal government led by President Muhammed Buhari is known for.

The commendation was contained in a press release made available recently by Alli Ibraheem, the Press Secretary to Oluwo following the courtesy visit of the minister to Oluwo`s palace.

Barrister Shittu congratulated the people of Iwo for their blessing in having a pure hearted king, affirming his leadership style as unprecedented in the history of the town as evident in palace renovation, road construction, educational promotion and the likes. He further described Oluwo as a compassionate, incorruptible and selfless leader like the number one citizen of Nigeria, President Muhammed Buahri.

The minister ascribed the downturn in the country as the product of past governance, praying Nigerians to supplicate for their leaders to pilot the affairs of the country to a constructive end.

He disclosed the ill-governance of the past leaders as destroying and non virile lubricated by egocentric, materialistic and selfishness and charged Nigerians to pray for the rescue of the nation instead of incessant castigation.

Establishing the root of the recession, he said corruption, unconscious deflation of crude oil`s prize and the monopolization of the nation`s source of income as an attributable factor, saying efforts are in top gear to revitalize the Nigeria.

“We must thank God there are lot of transformations in the lives of the people of Iwo because of the activities of the new Oluwo of Iwoland. The type of leadership Iwo has now is unprecedented. I believe this is the beginning of many good things to come with the right leadership of Oluwo. He has become the vanguard of development in Yorubaland and he shall continue to evolve. Just like human being, development has series of stages. I have lived in Iwo for more than 30years, turbaned as an Islamic student and a Legal Adviser to the Mogajis of Iwo for donkey years. Hopefully, my visitation is a beginning of greatness for Iwoland”.

“Just like Iwo has a unique king, I considered myself honoured to be here today not only as a son of Iwoland but there representative. I pledge I would be their eye and hear at the federal level. Whatever they want me to do, I will feel the gap. The activities of Iwo and her sons in the political terrain of Nigeria are remarkable and nobody will regard Iwo as a second class community. The little gap will be filled. People should just be patient and be hopeful that things will continue to improve”.

“My advise for Nigeria is that they should be more perseverance because the country is going through hard time. To be sincere, even we in government are feeling the economic downturn very seriously. The Yoruba adage says “Olowo kan laarin otosi mefa, olosi ni gbogbo won”. But the economic down turn we have in the country today is the cumulating effect of the past governance over the last sixteen years. Particularly if you look at the news, you hear billions of Nigeria which was the common wealth some people cornered because one leaders considered satisfying their interest as priority, their own greed, their own selfishness, their own egoncentricity”.

“The present government have taken a lot steps. One of them is the introduction of Treasury Single Account (TSA) that has blocked leakages.  In the past, a department may be having 7 to 8 accounts where government’s income were remitted to private pocket. Worthy of note is the anti corruption in the country. Our monies are been embezzled, government is now retracing and retrieving the money. Nigerians should be happy that they have a president who cannot steal their money. He would preserve your money and ensure nobody steal what belongs to all

of us just like Oluwo is developing his land”.

“Also, we are trying to diversify Nigeria economy. We are over-dependent on petrol. Before Buhari`s administration, petrol per barrel is sold for 140 dollar per barrel, and nIgeria was producing 2.2 barrel per day. By the time Buhari came on board, petrol prize dropped from 140 dollars per barrel to 38 dollars per barrel. That is a difference of about 102 dollars. Again, from 2.2 barrel a day, it drops to 900,000 because of the activities of the criminals, bunkerers who are blowing up pipelines in Niger Delta region. They are vandalizing a lot of oil facilities. So, our revenue went down more than 70%”.

“There was no investment in infrastructures before the coming of Buhari. We are starting all over again. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. The first step is the introduction of TSA.  Second is war against corruption and money laundering and the diversification of the economy such that oil will not be the only mainstream of our ecoomy. A lot of work is now been done by the current minister of Agriculture. Farmers are happier today than they are in the past”.

“We equally target the telecom and ICT industry, we are introducing new measure to make sure this sector bring in more money, more employment and job for people and make lives of Nigerians easier. Mining is also been rejuvenated to lubricate our economy. More minerals are been discovered and transformed to money for Nigeria and Nigerians.

The minister however appealed to Nigerians to be patient and imbibe the spirit of prying for their leaders.

“I want to assure you that Nigerians should be patient and be prayerful just as we have a wonderful people piloting the country`s affairs like Oluwo. Oluwo sees himself as chief servant of his people, same is of President Muhammed Buhari. Buhari is the most incorruptible and selfless president Nigeria ever has. So, Nigerians should pray for our leaders so that they can continue to champion the course of good and productive governance in reviving the economy and the lives of Nigerians.”

Oluwo eulogized the minister for his unshaken principles despite the associated compromise attached to his portfolio and urged him to continually maintain his image.

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