See The Face Of The Man Who Repeatedly Raped His Wife’s Step Sister For 10 Years

His name is Imeh Akpan, a 36-year-old man,  is accused of molesting his wife’s 15-year-old step-sister for 10 years and has been arrested by the police in Lagos, The Nation reports.

The suspect, who was paraded before reporters on Wednesday afternoon, however denied the allegation, insisting that he only did it once.

Akpan, according to the Police Commissioner, Fatai Owoseni, started defiling the teenager since she was five-year-old.

“The teenager has been living with him since she was small. He started molesting her when she was five-year-old.

“She lives with him and his wife, who’s her step-sister and he has been defiling her since then.

“But he was eventually caught at the weekend after the girl ran out of the house and was rescued by some policemen,” said Owoseni.

The victim (names withheld) disclosed that the man has taken advantage of her when her sister was not around.

She stated that she has complained to her sister once and when the older woman confronted her husband, he denied molesting her.

She said: “My daddy (suspect) raped me because my mummy travelled to Akwa Ibom last Wednesday. I was sleeping on Sunday, around 10pm, my daddy came and removed my clothes and slept with me

He used the towel to cover my eye and my mouth but I was still shouting and crying. He said nobody will come and help me. So, I ran out of the house when i got chance. After I ran out, I begged my neighbour to give me phone to talk to my mummy (half sister) and he said there is no credit in his phone.

“So, I ran towards the police station at the roundabout. On my way there, I saw one man who asked me where I was going. I told him everything and the man said he will take me to police station and to human right.

“So, he now took me to hotel that I should come and sleep in hotel till morning before he will take me to the station. I followed the man and I now said I cannot sleep with him inside the hotel.

“When I wanted to close my eyes, I was now seeing the man as if his hand was touching me in my dream. I could not close my eyes. Around 3am, I told the man I want to go and ease myself and he allowed me.

“The man now said since I want to go and report everything at police station that he will use his own money and that the money will be N50, 000, that I should do him a favour and enter the room. I did but the man wanted to rape me also and I shouted before the owner of the hotel came and opened the door.

“That was how I ran outside. As I was walking on the road, policemen saw me and I told them everything and they called one Okada man to take me to Lion Building.

“He has slept with me two times. The first time was last year. I told my mummy everything when she came back from church because my daddy told her that I ran out of the house. When I told her, she believed me but when my uncle now denied, he claimed that I left the door open and someone entered the house. That was why he kicked my left and I ran out,” she narrated.

But the victim who claimed he was drunk said he did not know what he did or how he did it.

She is like my daughter and it is an abomination for me to sleep with her. I have been the one training her since she was a baby. I was drunk and I did not know anything. It was the police that invited me and told me I raped her. I did not even know. It is only this once I have done it. I do not know what came over me,” he said.

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