This 20-year-old Woman Was Brutally Attacked By Her Ex-boyfriend For Refusing to Date Him Back (See photos)

20-year-old Nguyen Thi Phuonh Than was severely attacked by her police officer ex-boyfriend Tran Minh Trung, 24, at a cafe in Hai Phong City, Vietnam, where she is working on Tuesday, March 15.

According to witnesses, Trung grabbed Thao by the hair and pushed her head hard into the floor, and reportedly hit her on the face. After a while he walked out of the coffee shop to his motorbike and returned with a pair of scissors.

Four witnesses, including the shop owner and three other waitresses who were frightened by the scene, told the police later that Trung kept yelling while assaulting Thao before stabbing her in an arm with the scissors. Trung only stopped when Thao passed out.

Doctors at the Viet – Tiep Hospital, where her colleagues rushed her, said Thao has brain injuries, bruises in the eyes and a stab wound on her left arm. The Hai Duong Province Police said they are investigating, promising appropriate action against Trung if the accusations prove true.

Thao (pictured in hospital on Tuesday) showed the police several text messages Trung had sent her, threatening to kill her and her entire family.

“I will kill your father for failing to educate you, kill your grandparents, one message sent from Trung’s phone number read.

Prior to the attack, he had sent her dozens of threatening messages. Thao told the police she had broken up with him after being beaten up several times because of his insane jealousy.

Source: VnExpress

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  1. Lolz…………. Is it by force to date someone?

    Well it seems the story isn't complete, what did she do to him that make him to decide to kill all her generations I don't think its just because she is refusing him only.

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