See what A Pregnant Woman Did To Her 9yr-old Housemaid (photos)

A woman identified as one Mrs Vivien Obodo (pictured holding a wrapper) has been accused of physically assaulting her 9-year-old housemaid. According to Salma Ajuma Okpanachi, who shared the photos, Mrs Obodo punished Chidimma by making her chew pepper, and has punished her other times by cutting her scalp with blade or applying grounded pepper all over her body. See Salma’s post below:

“Chidinma is only 9 … From Nsukka to kaduna by Mrs Vivien Obodo December last year . Chidinma was to look after a 3 month old baby girl but Chidinma is only a child herself each time something goes wrong Chidinma gets purnished either by chewing pepper or pepper being rubbed all over her . Hot water has been poured on her , cut with blade on her scalp … Chidinma had no clothes and not allowed to use the family toilet … This case eventually got to The Honorable Commissioner women’s affair kaduna … Chidinma’s dad was asked to come to Kaduna which he did .. At the time he came he want the Ministry to stay off the matter as he claims its “family ” matter . Well in the end Vivien was given a warning as she is pregnant and in her last trimester and a youth corper serving at kaduna prison. Well case close you’d think ? No ! On the way back chidinma told her dad more and even more .. Now the matter is now with the Village head .. Chidinma’s dad is very upset . Well done “voice of the girl child ” well done to the Honorable Commisioner Women’s affair Kaduna state Hajia Rabiat Abdulsalam who handled the case”

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