See Ese Oruru’s Parents House In Yenagoa, Bayelsa (photos)

Below is the self contained apartment Ese Oruru and her family members reside in Bayelsa State.The middle class family are based in Opolo area of Yenagoa.Her father, Charles Oruru is a farmer while her mother is a canteen owner.

The father said yesterday he will first take her to church when she comes back and also take her to a hospital where she will be checked properly .He also said she will continue with her secondary school education and .According to him,Ese is his youngest daughter.He likes her so much because she is a very brave girl and very hardworking. She is young but still has a heart of her own; that has been her system of living.Nobody deprives her of anything; of her freedom and nobody has offended her so running away from home is not ordinary.I know my children they don’t go out without our knowledge or obtaining permission from us.

Moreover she didn’t go with any of her properties; all her clothes are still intact.

Charles and his wife are both in Abuja waiting to be reunited with their daughter.

Source  @ Treszzy blog.

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