Olisa Metuh mentioned Goodluck Jonathan in a new statement.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) today said the representative of PDP Olisa Metuh, named previous President Goodluck Jonathan in the announcement he professedly tore while in authority on January twelfth. At the continued becoming aware of the body of evidence against Metuh at the Abuja High Court, a staff of the antigraft organization, Junaid Said, said Metuh conceded that he got N400 million arms cash, which was utilized for political exercises, his own needs, and assignments designated by Jonathan. "My Lord, when he closed composition his announcement, which was on four sheets of the EFCC explanation structure, I gathered the announcement and read over it, I then gave the announcement over to my bosses Musa and Wetkas. When I was giving over the announcement, the respondent said he was astonished that he had composed that much and that he felt he had given an excessive amount of data. On account of the remark, I was concerned; I gave him the announcement sheets in a steady progression for support. He supported the first and second sheet, however he tore the third sheet. The third sheet was the place the respondent unveiled that he got the cash for PDP political exercises, settle his own needs and made reference to previous President Goodluck Jonathan. My ruler, he all of a sudden tore the announcement sheet into pieces. In extraordinary stun and astonish, I stood up [and] I asked him for what reason he did what he did. He said he did that since he was no more eager to give the data on that announcement sheet. I then asked for the bits of the announcement, he declined and endeavored to place them in his pocket, I then advised him and instructed him to regard himself; he demanded that he was going to arrange the torn sheet. I convinced him to handover the tore sheet and brought one plain paper before him; he poured the pieces on the plain sheet. My different associates arrived taking a gander at us in amazement also. "He facilitate attacked pieces, saying just in the motion pictures would this be recuperated. I poured the pieces in the commission's straightforward polythene sack for display and made passage of the episode into the EFCC's occurrence obligation station journal and additionally EFCC's pocket note pad. Later, in the day he asked for to put forth extra expression, which he made, composed his name and marked however declined to put forth some other expression on the torn paper."he said

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