Wow, see the lady who has slept with almost all the Nigerian artists. Record breaker!

I've likewise been droning that Wizkid's hot dick is gone around more than a hot potato and we will soon catch wind of him impregnating some irregular THOT and Tania ought to quit enduring a con artist and need better for herself. I figure I was spot on that one also and the day has come sooner than anticipated. As Annie Idibia and Lola Omotayo (infant mom turned wife team) will be advising Tania to stick around, Naijagistlive thinks Tania ought to pull a Karrueche, utilize the distinction from dating him and push ahead. Wiz"KID" will never be Wiz"MAN". In the event that Wizkid even regarded Tania one ounce, he wouldn't give these other ladies take sneak pictures of him in bed, a chance to post him on their snapchats and IG's or take after each young lady he is laying down with transparently. In any event #oyadab to conceal your face o when a young lady hauls out her telephone. He didn't mind enough to strap up when bamboozling! Is Wizkid a bonehead laying down with these dreadful young ladies without condom? So this @bluediamond224 has been amped up for her 5 mins of popularity and tolerating supporters yet keeping her page bolted and legs open. Crunch the numbers. She laid down with Wizkid amid OTC in May a year ago when he had a show in Houston, precisely nine months up to now in the event that you figure from dates of her/his additional pictures and recordings. The main issue is, she was additionally with Davido and Kcee around the same time. WIZKID DO A DNA TEST, these cultivators be for errybody and hoping to trap anyone. Other DM's expressed this is not her first time getting pregnant and sticking it one somebody. She is simply seeking it is Wizkid's after a payout. Obviously, the angel has been gave before a role as a full time groupie. She is constantly out each night searching for superstars to go home with.   If you see her page, it is all recordings of famous people at clubs from a separation, labeling distinctive celebs for consideration who aren't tailing her back. I figure Wizkid is the main absurd kid who let this eager thirst trap THOT approach. It is very evident when a young lady is laying down with a gentleman. Like I said in regards to Ejiro, Maima's 'olympus has fallen' promo for a melody and Flavor's angels, young ladies dependably advance the folks collection

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