A woman was killed after declining a man’s advances at the bar.

A Pittsburgh mother of two was shot and killed on Friday (Jan. 22) in the wake of declining a man's advances at a neighborhood bar. Janese Talton-Jackson, 29, was discovered lying in the road on North Lang Avenue at roughly 2 a.m., after a shooting was accounted for in the Homewood range. The attacker, 41-year-old Charles McKinney, was later taken into police guardianship after a brief pursue. By, Talton-Jackson was drawn closer by McKinney at Cliff's Bar, where she declined to talk with him. McKinney then tailed her as she cleared out the bar, and shot her in the mid-section. As powers landed on the scene, McKinney was the subject of a movement stop when he heard an officer's radio declare an adjacent shooting. He dashed off, and police pursued him and discharged shots after him. He was caught in the wake of colliding with a stopped vehicle, taken to a healing center to treat his injuries, and charged from that point. McKinney confronts charges of crime, two tallies of irritated attack, guns without a permit, escaping or endeavoring to evade police, two numbers of ownership with plan to convey, two checks of rashly jeopardizing someone else and careless driving, WTAE reports. "I simply believe it's dismal. Some individual needs to take care of the firearm control, it's simply escaping hand and it just [isn't] safe to walk the boulevards not any more," one man told CBS Pittsburgh.

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