Super Falcons striker Cynthia talks about women football.

The Super Falcons striker Cynthia Uwak is not one to conceal her emotions over the evil treatment of ladies footballers in Nigeria. The two-time African Women's Player of the Year discussed how Nigerians shamefully mark female footballers lesbians in this meeting with 'TANA AIYEJINA Cynthia How would you feel when ladies footballers are termed lesbians on account of the way they look? I wouldn't say football makes individuals manly. There are loads of players you wouldn't know play football. I have a ton of companions who are spitfires however they don't play football and they look manly; like they are into games. Individuals hop into conclusions since they see you dressed this way. Individuals' mindset is distinctive. There are a ton of the players who wear make-up and dress ladylike. I don't prefer to wear make-up and that doesn't mean this is on account of I play football. Before I began playing football, I was a spitfire climbing trees and playing with young men. In any case, these individuals are so blinded; they take a gander at one side and don't see the opposite side of the world. It's not just ladies footballers who are similar to that; there are a considerable measure of them out there who don't do sports. I wouldn't pass judgment on somebody taking into account their looks or what they wear. It's not my business to be worried about someone else's close to home life since that won't put sustenance on my table. On the off chance that you go to live-in schools, regardless they say this thing (lesbianism) exists. Does it mean these individuals play football? Cynthia There is this feeling ladies footballers who move in twos are normally lesbians… There is the right to speak freely and you can't tell individuals what they ought to or ought not say. Naming individuals since they are companions is not right. Have you gotten them rehearse lesbianism? This thing happens and it's not care for it's new. In the event that you play for the Falcons, then your mindset ought to appear as something else. You don't harp on such things; I don't permit superfluous issues influence me since what they say won't prevent me from where I'm going. It's a mental thing and you simply need to anticipate that individuals will continue talking. The vitality they use in naming female footballers lesbians, on the off chance that they utilize it well, it will increase the value of ladies' football. Yet, individuals would preferably scrutinize you than attempt to develop and lift you. I don't let what anyone say influence me. On the off chance that you stop and toss stones at each pooch that barks, you will never get to your destination. You can't change the separation. Lion's share of these individuals, on the off chance that they ask you out and you don't acknowledge, they hop into conclusion and begin to concoct stories. What's your appraisal of the ladies' diversion in Nigeria? I'm frustrated at the alliance and the terrible pitches; players are additionally owed compensations. Ladies football has developed past this level however I'm stunned that it's practically in the same state it was the point at which I arrived. It means nothing's been finishe

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