Shocking: A man tries to attack a man of God in Columbia but failed.

A video has risen existing apart from everything else an equipped assailant was 'felled by the force of God' after he endeavored to murder a cleric in a Colombian church. The footage demonstrates the hooded would-be professional killer jumping from his seat at the front of the congregation and hauling out an extensive blade as he keeps running up to the minister, Pedro Pablo Martin. Be that as it may, apparently some other common power stops the assailant in his tracks as he comes extremely close to the minister – who fearlessly responds to the conceivably deadly attack with the words: 'There is force for the sake of Jesus'. The religious man rehashes the same expression again and again in the same quiet voice and the secret attacker brings his hood down yet seems to lose his direction and tumbles to the floor as though in the grasp of a 'more prominent power'. Whatever is left of the assemblage race to incapacitate him and stand over the brought down knifeman, denouncing his activities and all droning the expressions of their vicar. Abruptly, the assailant seems to endure writhings on the floor. The congregation where the occurrence happened – the Pentecostal IPUC Bosa in the Colombian capital Bogota – have squandered no time posting the video of the show online and guaranteeing it demonstrates the force of 'The Almighty'. Church authorities say the puzzle attacker had drawn nearer the minister and whispered in his ear he arrived to murder him before being requested to take a seat and listen to the administration. A representative for the congregation said: We have an intense God and his name is Jesus Christ. There is force for the sake of Jesus. A mysterious witness said the occasion was a 'marvel'. Be that as it may, faultfinders of the video have blamed the congregation for putting on a show to pick up adherents. The cleric himself, in any case, has demanded he was covering up nothing and the video was bona fide. In a radio meeting, he said: "It's 100 for every penny bona fide. What happened was a showcase of the force of God shielding us from Evil." He likewise said they called the police and the man was hunt down weapons yet released him after chapel authorities said they would not like to press charges

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