Shocking: ISIS now uses children to kill their parents.

By youthful escapee, ISIS is mentally conditioning youngsters in its self announced Islamic caliphate to kill their guardians. Recognized by his first name Nasir, the 12-year-old uncovered that he was one of 60 youngsters being prepared to work as a suicide aircraft. In the wake of being taken hostage, the future kid fighters – which included young men as youthful as five, were informed that ISIS administrators tended to them more than their own guardians. By, "The scariest times for every one of us were the point at which the airstrikes happened. They'd lead every one of us underground into the passages to stow away. They let us know the Americans, the unbelievers, were attempting to execute us yet they, the warriors, they cherished us. They would take care of us superior to our guardians. When they were preparing us they would let us know our guardians were unbelievers and that our first occupation was to do a reversal to murder them." Thankfully Nasir who figured out how to get away from their control, advanced toward a displaced person camp where he was brought together with his crew. "When we got away and I saw my mom once more, it was similar to returning to life," he said.

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