See the child whose eye was removed for rituals.

The kid's dad, Usman Isa, says specialists at the Ahmadu Bello University have performed an operation on the young boy. By who talked with Daily Trust, the specialists said the ritualists evacuated everything in the young boy's eyes and that there was no trust of him seeing again aside from by a marvel. "The Kaduna clinic has alluded us back to ABUTH. Specialists have led surgery yesterday. From what they let us know, the culprits have uprooted everything that needs to do with the eyes, which would make altering them troublesome. In any case, specialists said that they would survey the operation to see the result, trusting they can settle manufactured ones." He said the specialists said the counterfeit eyes would be altered just to fill the openings, yet not for the young man to see. "But in the event that Allah performs a supernatural occurrence," he cried. In the mean time the grandma of little Usman, Malama Hadiza Usman, described how she became more acquainted with that her grandson's eyes had been evacuated by ritualists while he was en route to a night Islamiyya class. In tears, Malama Hadiza told Daily Trust that she would always remember the episode for whatever remains of her life. "I'd given him N5 to purchase desserts on his way, on Sunday, January 24. He went out with his sibling Umar, however on their way they were blocked by yet-to-be recognized men who took him to an uncompleted building and gouged his eyes out." At the healing center, little Abubakar was advising everyone around him to open his eyes to empower him see his mom and grandma. "Open my eyes, I need to see Mama. Mom, where are you? Where's Grandma?" he continued wailing.

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