My Husband told me he doesn’t love me anymore. Please help me

Received  from our blog  reader yesterday.

Dear Amina,

A little bit of back ground….I have been with my husband for 12 years married  We have a 4 year old son and I am 30 weeks pregnant with our 2nd child a baby girl.

We have always had an extremely loving and strong relationship, to the point where we both had each other sat upon pedistools. I would describe us as being in a bubble and only really wanting or needing each other. I would also say I felt he loved me more than I loved him because of the way he made me feel.

Lately that’s all changed, husband has become distant, angry at me all the time and cut off. I feel like I’m walking on egg shells around him. His character has completely changed. He’s gone from being the ultimate family man and Mr amazing to me not being able to even recognise him anymore.

Before Christmas he told me he didn’t love me anymore,  I begged and begged  him.

Since September things have changed he’s withdrawn himself from me bit by bit. When I try to discuss it I lose him more and more for example I told him he must still have feeling for me we still have sex…. We stopped having sex. I said but you still cuddle me at night…. That stopped.

He’s currently still sleeping in our bed but coming to bed late, since September he started drinking which is also out of character. He has no time for our son again
I asked him could he be depressed and he said it’s only at home with me he feels the way he does. I’ve asked would he consider counceling as a couple and he said he wouldn’t at all and point blank refused.

I know my hormones are not making it any easier. I love him so much and don’t want to let him go. He was Mr perfect always made me feel amazing , worked his backside off to support us and always make me feel so loved. I have no idea why I ever accuse him of cheating because I know he never ever would and even when I try and have a little joke I say you could have a the decency to at least cheat on me to make me hate you he even says he would never do that.

Also the other day I noticed he wasn’t. Wearing his wedding ring he seen my face and explained he took it off for work and when I seen him later on it was back on…. Confused

How can I save our marriage to someone who doesn’t want to save it????

Please help me.


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