Ice prince and his girlfriend cheating on him. See how events unfold.

Ice prince has been tweeting on this issue for two days now. He tweeted from the previous evening till toward the beginning of today… it would appear that he's influenced by all the discussion on the web. A large number of you have heard the significance however for the individuals who haven't, give me a chance to give you a rundown. A week ago, Ice Prince's sweetheart, staggering Maima Nkewa shared a photograph of them together and declared her undying affection for him..and that began the entire frenzy. Somebody exited a remark on her page blaming her for dating some wedded man named Akin in Abuja. Also, a couple of hours after the fact, receipts were delivered. It gets all the more intriguing. Somebody then discharged photographs of Maima and the said Akin in same area at same time. They were both posting on their instagram pages however not together. This was only 8 weeks ago…while she was involved with Ice Prince At that point on Sunday, Ice Prince reacted to the entire show with these tweets…. Because of Ice Prince's tweets and to demonstrate that it was no lie…the gentleman yesterday posted photographs of same fellow postured with both of them at same location…he later erased the photographs… And after that from the previous evening till toward the beginning of today, Ice appeared to have a considerable measure on his mind…and was tweeting

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