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How To Score Very High In JAMB/UTME Examination

Exams are extremely stressful events in everyone’s life, and the only way to deal with them satisfactorily is to be well-prepared, Motivation is an important factor that would help you to study well for your exams. This is not an art or a big technique. It is as simple as your need to feed yourselves everyday.

Scoring a high mark in the UTME exam is not as difficult as most students think it is , it all depends on you ability to prepare well and heed to simple instructions. This tips will guide you on how to prepare well and achieve success in your UTME exam.

==>>Utilize the Early Morning Hours:

Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it. ~Richard Whately

It has scientifically proven that our brains work at its best during the early morning hours. The freshness that you feel in the morning time, can be found nowhere in the rest of the day. During the morning, you can study some subject whichever you feel is complicated, because the grasping power of the brain will be more during this time. The point is, once you gain confidence in a difficult subject, you can easily go on with other subjects and excel without much effort.

Note: Don’t try doing this, resting on your down comforter or trying to study beside someone who is having a good sleep in the early morning, because undesirable psychological effects can overtake you.

==>>Avoid Exam Anxiety/Overcome Your Fear :

One of the main reasons why students fail their UTME exams is because of FEAR! They’re not really afraid of the exam itself, what they are actually afraid of is FAILURE!! They’re afraid of the consequences that awaits them if they fail they exam.

As a student , if you really want to pass the UTME exam , then you must overcome your fear!!. Look at the UTME exam as a roadblock between you and 10 million naira, remove that entity of fear in you and push that roadblock out of your way to glory!!

==>>Study Regularly/Everyday :

Researches has shown that 60% of nigerian students don’t read , which has been one of the major reasons why the nigerian education sector has continued to dwindle.

The brain can give out information ONLY when you input data in it , so the more you read the more knowlege you get and that improves your chances of passing an exam. As a student , study hard and prepare well for your exam. Forget all the luxries and focus more on inputing data into your brain!. Spend at least 4 hours of your day reading , read according to JAMB’s syllabus and focus more on areas where questions are most likely to come from.

==>>Associate Yourself with Good and Hardworking People: 

It is true that friends play a significant role in shaping your career. When you associate yourself with bad and irresponsible people who care the least about their education, it is likely that they may rub off on you. The positive waves from good and hardworking friends, will motivate you to study well.

==>>Answer Past Questions Regularly:

Its always good to know the area and mode at which questions are being set, Get past questions of the previous years and try to answer them. Get familiar with their question asking pattern. Every past question has a 3/5 chance of been repeated. Doing this will help you a lot.

==>>Work More On Your Question Answering Speed :

You don’t have all day to answer a question!. Jamb gives you limited time to answer a question , therefore , it is essential for you to work on your question answering speed. On average you have about 60 seconds to spend on a question. Spending more than 60 seconds would slow you down and leave you lagging behind. Don’t delay yourself on a question , if you didn’t get the answer to a question , skip it and move on to the next question. You can always go back to the ones you didn’t do.

==>>Choosing The Right Answer/Option In The Multiple Choice Question :

This is where students fall into jamb’s trap. The UTME exam is one of the most Tactical exams in nigeria. Its is very tactical but yet easy. The answers are somehow look a-likes. You have four options A B C D , and out of those 4 A And B looks Correct. The real answer is staring at you but you’re too blind to see it!. What do you do in this kind of situation?

If you’ve really prepared (read alot) then it becomes easy for you. In this kind of situation , the first thing to do is to eliminate!! Eliminate the incorrect answers and leave your self with the ones that are most likely to be correct. Afterthat , look carefully at the options once more and try to relate them to the question that was asked. You’ld definately find one that corresponds to your question , pick that one as your answer!!.


>>Procrastinate your course of study.

>>Keep your cell phones and other 
gadgets while you are studying. They consume all your time without your knowledge.

>>Get intimidated if your friends are running ahead of you.

>>Miss the lectures of good and efficient teachers.

>>Let anyone say that you cannot do it.

Thats all readers , hope you found this useful. You also need to have luck and you need to be prayerful!.

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