Boko Haram kills more than 100 people near Maiduguri

No less than 100 individuals were supposedly killed amid an assault by Boko Haram individuals on Dalori, a settlement situated on the edge of Maiduguri, the Borno state capital yesterday January 30th. Sahara Reporters reports that the group individuals wearing military outfits, had raged the town in 10 Hilux transports and motorcycles  and began shooting sporadically and setting houses burning. The villagers who talked with Sahara columnists say the organization individuals worked unhindered for a considerable length of time and stole some sustenance things after the assault. An inhabitant of the village,  Ibrahim Muhammad, while describing what happened, said that Boko Haram warriors dressed like military staff and began opening flame on everyone: "Every one of our wives and youngsters were severely slaughtered while they plundered and annihilated our livestock  and additionally ." Bad habit Chairmn of regular citizens JTF in Dalori town Modu Kaka said that no less than 100 dead bodies were emptied lastmight furthermore expressed that hundreds are as yet absent. Salvage laborers who took an interest in the departure the casualties revealed to Sahara Reporters that they conveyed out 45 dead bodies to state pro doctor's facility and stored 23 cadavers at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital yet a few blazed casualties stay without help in the ambushed town

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