A man who murdered his wife was discharged, not guilty.

An envious male spouse who stabbed his wife to death has been cleared of homicide since she was abandoning him. Jonathon Cudworth executed mum of two Mariola when he "snapped" after she conceded engaging in sexual relations with a darling and needed to end the marriage. He punctured her four times yet has now been cleared of homicide and discovered blameworthy of murder. Cudworth, 35, was sentenced to 15 years in jail at the Canterbury Crown Court where a jury heard that he lost control, got a blade and lashed out.
Judge Adele Williams said if  they trusted that wife Mariola, known as Mika, undermined to abandon him and trusted that was the trigger for Cudworth to snap, they could clear him of homicide and convict of murder.
The jury heard how in the hours prior to her passing, Polish-conceived Mika had been holding hands and imparting a kiss to another man in her life.
Cudworth was enraged when his writings to the barmaid had not been addressed and she was late returning home from working at a bar.
After she had returned home and put on something else, he snatched her by the throat before diving a blade into her four times. Protecting, Oliver Saxby QC asked: "Would you say you were thinking straight?" Cudworth answered: "No, I wasn't thinking straight." The jury then heard that the previous fighter and forklift driver of Northbourne, Kent, begin discarding the body, which he dumped behind a manures load in the couple's back patio nursery.
In his last address, Mr Saxby told the jury: "Take a gander at the circumstances that he was in, moved up against a table." He said Mika had been "in his face" telling how she had intercourse with Dan Groombridge, a normal at the bar, and was wanting to take off. Mr Saxby included: "Then his hands feel the blade and by then he loses control. "Might somebody, in those  circumstances, who has acknowledged both the duplicity he has been subjected to and the truth his life was going to be absolutely broken, snap, as Cudworth did?" Cudworth reported her missing to the police, advised misleads loved ones, acted like her on Facebook, and tossed her things in the ocean.
Prosecutor Philip Bennetts QC told the jury: "with an end goal to cover up what he had done he cleaned the house and discarded whatever he could." What's more, subtly, while officers scoured the zone, Cudworth was looking into on the web how quick bodies rotted. Cudworth then discarded her body in a field close Eastry, Kent, where it was later found by a medium. He included: "Cudworth later posted messages in Polish indicating to be Mika. "They resembled being inadequately interpreted and did not bode well.
"Her companions suspected that they had not been composed by her." Imprisoning him for a long time, Judge Adele Williams said: "This was a severe and insensitive killing.You then found a way to devastate all the confirmation of the killing before laying a false trail to conceal.
"On all the proof, you subjected her to physical and psychological mistreatment and have demonstrated no genuine regret or lament."

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