We girls always dream of a knight in shining armor who will profess their love to us. It’s a romantic act, really but our man craves for our love in return. Never mind the grand gesture, but one that’s honest. So if you’re thinking about getting your man presents like men’s colognes or just plainly taking care of him at home, then you’re on the right track. Actions speak louder than words so here are 5 ways to show your love for your man.

1. Know about his grooming needs. You might not notice it that much (especially when you’re not living together) that like you, he also has some specifications with his grooming needs. What great smelling men’s cologne does he use? What deodorant works for him? Does he use foot powder? Know about his own grooming products so when you have the time to shop, you’ll get something that he can really use. Men aren’t hard to please, you know.

2. Get him through his stomach. They say the closest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and that’s true. Have you seen him gush about his mom’s cooking? Do you see him devour their family’s home-made apple pie? Know about his favorite food and learn how to prepare them.

3. Talk through problems. You’ve seen a lot of women in relationships fight over their boyfriends again and again. That’s because both parties seem to defend themselves on situations when they could talk in a calm manner. If you’ve been in petty fights that got worse (and brutal), remember that screaming and blaming your man isn’t a loving thing to do. If you can’t control your feelings during a fight, pull away first and then talk to him when you’ve calmed down already. Kill him with kindness.

4. Support him in every way. Whether he wants to pursue a business degree or start a business himself, support his plans all the way. Surely, there are times when you think his plan will not turn out as positive as he expected but give him a chance to decide on his own. Nothing steps on a man’s pride that harshly when you blatantly say it’s never going to work. Instead, just be there for him whatever the outcome may be.

5. Be adventurous in bed. Of course, men love sex. They don’t care whether you have flat tummies or your breasts are big. It’s sex and what they’re after is having a great time. A lot of times when women get into marriage and they start having kids, they forget about being sexy in terms of giving time to explore the bedroom once more. If work and the kids preoccupy your schedule, make it to a point to give time for your man, especially when he craves for you. Two to three times a week will work just fine


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