Tinubu Has Seven More Years To Deliver Road Projects – Umahi


Minster of works David Umahi said the Renewed Hope Legacy Infrastructure Project of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is designed to cover eight years.

He declared that the President has seven more years to deliver roads projects in Nigeria.

Umehi spoke in Lafia while speaking to all the north central Governors and stakeholders on the Federal Government proposed construction of Cross River-Ebonyi-Benue-Kogi-Nasarawa-Apo superhighway to be fully funded by the Tinubu administration.

According to him: “I request that you buy into it and support Mr President who still has about 7 more years to deliver these projects. We believe that within these 7 years, the three legacy projects shall be delivered.”

The former Ebonyi Governor informed he 477km superhighway is a legacy project of the Tinubu administration which would bring a lot of benefits to Nigerians, particularly to the residents of the benefiting States and boost economy.

The proposed new roads, which would be an offshoot of the Lagos-calabar coastal highway has Nasarawa covering 95km; Kogi 111km; Benue 66km, while the FCT has 12km totalling 477km.

The Minister noted President Tinubu’s commitment to ensure the completion of the Lagos-Ondo-Edo-Delta-Bayelsa-Rivers-Akwa Ibom-Cross Rivers and the Sokoto-Kebbi-Niger-Kwara-Oyo-Ogun-Badagry superhighways.

According to him: “There are a lot of benefits because of these three superhighways. I want to assure that this is beyond road construction, but it is an investment. This is because it is a catalyst that is going to revive the entire economy of the country.

“I request that you buy into it and support Mr. President who still has about seven more years to deliver these projects. We believe that with these seven years, these three legacy projects shall be delivered.”

The Minister further disclosed that all the road projects would be reinforced with concrete to enable them last up to 50 years before any maintenance is required.

“Each of these sections are going to be on reinforced concrete. Each of these sections has six lanes. It also has a train track. We are also using solar streetlights.

“The benefits of these three legacy projects cannot be overemphasized. It is going to be done in concrete. Sokoto-Badagry has 53 dams on that section. Any road properly constructed on concrete, for the next 50 years, you will not touch it. Lagos-Calabar has a lot of potentials. In fact, we are aiming at finishing the first section 47.7km by May next year and we will be tolling it immediately,” he explained.

The Minister further informed the Governors and other North Central stakeholders the Federal Executive Council had directed that federal government projects spread across states that have remained uncompleted for a long period of time should be determined and prioritised.

On their parts, Governors of the North Central geopolitical zone, as well as critical stakeholders particularly those of Nasarawa, Benue and Kogi States, commended President Bola Tinubu for conceiving the idea of the Renewed Hope Legacy Infrastructure Project.

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