Special Prayer Event Held to Welcome Alhaji Safiu Abayomi Adegoke From Holy Pilgrimage


Alhaji Safiu Abayomi Adegoke, popularly known as Yomex, has returned from the holy pilgrimage. To celebrate his safe return, a special prayer gathering was organized with friends, family, and well-wishers in attendance.

Mrs. Shakirat Adegoke, his wife, expressed her heartfelt gratitude. She mentioned that words could not describe the joy she felt having her husband back home safely. She emphasized that his journey to Mecca was a significant spiritual milestone, and they were immensely grateful for the blessed experience.

Alhaji Adegoke Adejare, his uncle, shared his pride and happiness. He stated that it was an honor to welcome his son back from the holy pilgrimage. He noted that his son’s dedication to his faith and this journey reflected the values held dear in their family, and he prayed for continued blessings and guidance.

Alhaji Hashir Iyiola Oladosu, the Naibul-Imam of Iragbiji, highlighted the spiritual significance of the pilgrimage. He remarked that Yomex’s return from Mecca was a momentous occasion for the community. He pointed out that his commitment to completing this sacred journey served as an inspiration to all, and the community joined together in prayer for his continued spiritual growth and well-being.

Alhaja Adijat Adegoke, his mother, expressed her deep appreciation. She said that, as a mother, seeing her son fulfill one of the five pillars of Islam filled her heart with immense joy and pride. She added that they were thankful for his safe return and prayed that Allah continued to guide and protect him.

Imam Muktar Adedimeji Adegoke Raji noted that Alhaji Adegoke’s pilgrimage was a testament to his faith and dedication. He expressed that they celebrated his safe return and prayed that the blessings of his journey extended to his family and the entire community. He wished for Allah to grant him peace and prosperity in all his endeavors.

Alhaji Mohammadu Safiu Abayomi Adegoke himself spoke about the reason and need for Muslims to embark on the pilgrimage. He explained that the pilgrimage to Mecca is one of the five pillars of Islam and is a fundamental act of worship that every Muslim who is able must perform at least once in their lifetime. He emphasized that the journey is not only a physical act but a spiritual cleansing and a profound expression of faith and obedience to Allah. He encouraged all Muslims to strive to fulfill this important religious duty, highlighting the immense spiritual rewards and personal growth that come from undertaking the pilgrimage.

In attendance were; Hon. Wasiu Babalola, The Chairman, Boripe Local Govt and Cabinet Members from Boripe Local Government, the wife of the PDP National Vice Chairman (SW), Alhaja Kubrat Ajisafe; Elder/Leader of People’s Democratic Party, PDP in Boripe Local Government, Alhaj Hamzat Agbeleke Awolu; Alhaj Kehinde Hassan Moronkeji, formal Chairman, Boripe Local Government, Prince Ademola Oyeleke; Alhaj Rafiu Afolabi; Alhaj Isiaka Oladejo, Hon. Tunde Yusuf and host of other political leaders across party line.

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