Rotary Club Of Osogbo Central Welcomes First Female President, Collaborates With Benson Adeyemi Foundation For Medical Outreach


Rotarian Abidemi Mutiat Oyediran was officially installed as the 10th and the first female President of the Rotary Club of Osogbo Central in a historic celebration.

The investiture, which marked a milestone for the club, was also an occasion to honour personalities and humanitarians who have greatly contributed to the growth and development of Osun State.

One of the highlights of the event was a medical outreach sponsored by Rotarian Dr. Fikayo Benson Adeyemi, an awardee and the founder of the Sage and Enamel Foundation as well as the Benson Adeyemi Foundation. In his remarks, Dr. Benson Adeyemi emphasised the importance of the outreach, noting that the initiative aims to collaborate with the Rotary Club to enhance healthcare accessibility for the less privileged.

He explained that the foundations are committed to improving healthcare and providing support to those in need. The outreach, he added, is an extension of their mission to deliver essential medical services to underserved communities, and by partnering with the Rotary Club, they hope to amplify their impact and reach more individuals who require medical attention.

The outreach programme featured the provision of vital health services, including blood pressure tests, blood sugar tests, and consultations with on-site medical doctors. This initiative was warmly received by the community, providing crucial health checks and advice to many residents.

Omotayo Benson Adeyemi, Head of the Finance Department at the Benson Adeyemi Foundation, expressed gratitude towards the Osun State government for its ongoing efforts to improve the health sector.

She appreciated the state’s dedication to enhancing healthcare facilities and services and stated that their support for the medical outreach is a testament to their commitment to complementing the government’s initiatives.

Rotarian Charter President, Ogundele Olusanjo Razaq praised the collaboration between the Rotary Club and the Benson Adeyemi Foundation. He remarked that the partnership is a significant step towards supporting the less privileged in the community. By joining forces, he added, they can achieve more and make a substantial difference in the lives of those who need it most.

The newly installed President, Rotarian Abidemi Mutiat Oyediran, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to lead and make a positive impact on the community.

She emphasised her commitment to furthering the Rotary Club’s mission of service above self and highlighted the importance of collaborative efforts in achieving their goals.

She assured members and attendees that under her leadership, the club would continue to initiate and support programmes that addresses the needs of the community, particularly in areas such as health, education, and economic development.

Rotarian Oyediran also called on all members and partners to actively participate in the club’s projects and initiatives. She encouraged everyone to contribute their time, resources, and expertise to make a lasting difference. She concluded by saying that together, they can build on the foundation laid by past leaders and create a brighter future for the community.

The investiture of Rotarian Abidemi Mutiat Oyediran as the first female president of the Rotary Club of Osogbo Central symbolises a new era of leadership and community service. With the support of dedicated individuals and organisations like the Benson Adeyemi Foundation, the Rotary Club is poised to continue its impactful work in Osun State and beyond.

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