My Daughters Will Never Marry a Poor Man – Man Replies Reno Omokri


A Nigerian man, Omera Ugbede Opaluwa, has said that his daughters will never marry a poor man.

He stated this on Thursday, July 4, 2024, in response to former presidential aide, Reno Omokri’s post about a poor man’s daughter saying she can’t marry a poor man.

According to Opaluwa, no woman deserves a poor man.

“Sir Reno Omokri, I disagree with this respectfully. There was a time I posted on this space that my daughter(s) will never marry a poor man, if others like let them teach their own children to marry a poor man,” he wrote.

“People came up with series of disagreements about my own opinion which is not theirs like I don’t have the right to make my choice anymore.

“This post reminds me of that my old post and I still stand by it that our wish as parents is for our children to be better than us, why then will I wish my own daughter the type of man her mother married again?

“Even in the Bible, after Jesus died the sins of the parents were no longer transfered to the offsprings, why should my own daughter not marry a better and richer man than me the father?

“If me and her mother made a mistake in getting married, she should learn from the mistakes not repeating same.

“No one woman deserves a poor man just like even a poor man does not deserve poverty.”

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