Kenya President Orders Withdrawal Of Salary Increment For Ministers, Lawmakers Amid Protests


Kenyan President William Ruto has instructed his ministers and lawmakers to “live within their means,” ordering the withdrawal of their recent pay rise amid public outrage and nationwide protests.

Hussein Mohammed, the spokesperson for the Kenya State House, disclosed this on Wednesday, July amidst criticisms following reports of the pay rise for ministers and lawmakers.’’

“The President has emphasised that now more than ever, the Executive and all arms of government must live within their means,” Mr Mohammed said, adding that Mr Ruto has instructed a review of salaries for his ministers and lawmakers.
It was reported on Tuesday, July 2, that Mr Ruto’s ministers and Kenyan members of parliament received a pay rise effective July 1.

According to local media, the pay rise for Mr Ruto’s cabinet members and lawmakers coincided with nationwide protests that have resulted in over 39 deaths and hundreds of injuries.

Previously, each cabinet secretary who earned Ksh. 957,000 will now earn Ksh. 990,000 plus allowances, and each of the 51 principal secretaries who earned Ksh. 792,519 will now earn Ksh. 819,844.

The salaries of the speakers of the National Assembly and Senate increased from Ksh. 1,185,327 to Ksh. 1,208,362, while salaries of members of parliament increased from Ksh. 725,502 to Ksh. 739,600.

Although deliberations on salary increments for Mr Ruto’s cabinet members and lawmakers occurred months ago, their implementation coincided with deadly protests against a tax hike.

However, Mr Ruto has now been forced to announce the suspension of the pay rise for his ministers and lawmakers for the time being.

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