I Can Bring Bible to The Table in My Relationship – DJ Cuppy


Nigerian disc jockey Florence Otedola, also known as DJ Cuppy, has shared what she brings to the table in a relationship.

Cuppy, who was baptized in a UK church lately, remarked that her contribution is the Holy Bible.

She revealed this when she accepted the widely popular “What do you bring to the table” social media challenge, which asks participants to consider what they may offer a partner in a marriage or relationship.

On her twitter handle, Cuppy shared: “‘What do you bring to the table?’

“Me: Holy Bible.”

The music singer recently updated fans on her spiritual development.

She clarified that realizing the value of her faith has helped her to understand that beauty is more than just appearance.

In her opinion, true beauty is about having a purpose, inner tranquility, and self-worth.

It is known to the public that DJ Cuppy is currently unmarried.

She recently ended her relationship with British boxer, Ryan Taylor, after their engagement fell through.

The couple broke up in July 2023, just seven months after their stunning engagement in November 2022.

Cuppy has made no secret of her wish to find her “true love,” claiming that being “childless and single” in her 30s is “lonely and boring.”

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