97% of Poor People Won’t Make Heaven – Nigerian Man Says


A Nigerian man, JJ Charles has said that 97% of poor people won’t make heaven.

Charles shared this on his Facebook page recently.

He wrote: “97% of poor people won’t make heaven!”

Responding to a follower who asked him to explain better, he said “Most (not all) poor men thinking are bad! Poverty is a disease that corrupts morality and decency. Poverty is a virus that kills love immune system. It takes divine human nature to be poor and have love for humanity.

“Imagine this; Tola who hadn’t eaten for days, school fees due, house rent expired, is offered a huge sum of money to commit a crime, there’s 95% probability he will accept the offer.

“If you are rich, there are many sins you won’t commit, unless you’re naturally bad.
Only poverty can easily lead men into sin.
Richness can only easily make you forget God as you’ve all you ever needed and wanted. King David wrote, “Lord, let me not be poor that I sin against you, lest, let me not be rich that I may forget you”.Poverty is the root of all sins.” He concluded.

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