‘You Will Account For The Lives You Mislead’ – Mike Bamiloye Tells Pastors


The Founder of Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Mike Bamiloye, has tackled Nigerian pastors with Mega Parishes, who feed their congregation with “junk, garbage, trash, false doctrines, and fake news.”

In a post on his Facebook page on Thursday, June 6, Bamiloye reminded pastors that: “You will give an account of the lives of your congregation which you have influenced badly with your write up.

Asking them what they are doing with the people God committed to their in their care, he wrote: “You and your mega-parish. You have successfully established a Mega Parish Congregation of more than 50,000 to 100,000 Followers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

“You are now a General Overseer who controls and feeds a large number of your Followers.
But what do you feed your Followers with junk, garbage, trash,

“You feed them with:
Your ego,
Your pride,
Your vainglory,
Your false doctrines
Pictures of yourself.
Your New Clothes and Latest Fashions
Your new Shoes and Wrist Watches.
Your plate of food at Mr. Biggs,
Your Roasted Chicken Lap and Fries at Tantalizer.
You always feed them with Posted pictures of your Exploits at Malls and Ice Creams of ColdStone.
You see your life outside?

“You are blessed with a Social Media Congregation of 40,000 Followers and you are a bad Leader to them.
You gave them no hood Directions.
You give them Fake News and Outdated Wrong Information.
You feed them with Lies.

“What about the Bible Verses that inspire you.
What about the Revelations you got in your morning devotions.
What about the Inspirational Thots and Words you saw that blessed your life.
What about the great Words of Power you received from God, if any?

“What are you doing with the people God committed to your care?

“You will give an account of the lives of your congregation which you have influenced badly with your write-up. Shalom.”

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